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FCA Black are the 2022 ACWBL Champions!

Congrats to the FCA Black/Gold team on their 1-0 victory over New Mexico Post 15.  It was a great game and everything we want out of a championship game.  New Mexico threatened multiple times throughout the night with runners in scoring position, but the FCA pitching and defense made the right pitches and had key defensive plays that sealed the victory.  Congrats to both teams and best of luck the upcoming 2023 season!

*UPDATE* Single Elimination Playoff Tournament Schedule

The 2022 summer season will finish off with a 20 team single elimination tournament that will start Thursday, July 21st. 

The 20 team schedule works by having SEEDS 13-20 play the first day as a play in game and the 4 winners will continue to on to the 16 team playoff the following day.  Seeds 1-12 have a first day off and will play Friday, July 22nd.  Starting on day 2, we will have 16 teams remaining.  The championship game will be on Wednesday, July 27th (weather permitting).  The playoffs will be played at Salt River Fields, Rockies side.  

Tournament rules are slightly different than our regular season.  Teams can still bat as many hitters as they would like, but may not deviate the order when game has started.  Games will be 7 complete innings or until we have a winner in extra innings. If extra innings do occur, we will start with a runner at 2nd base for both teams.  There will be no time limits and there are no ties.  

Our seeding will change each day and the best seeds will always play the lowest seed.  For example, #1 seed will play #16 on day one.  If 1 wins and seed #15 wins, day 2, #1 seed will then play the #15 seed.  We do it different than the traditional playoffs. 

Besides the batting as many as a team prefers, we will be following college baseball rules for the tournament.  Coaches will need to provide a line up card for umpires and other coaches. 

We want this tournament to be played fairly and give every team the chance to succeed to the next round of playoffs. 

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Thoughts and Prayers To Mike Greene's Family & Friends

It's with heavy hearts we have lost part of our ACWBL family.  Coach Mike Greene of the Iggi's passed away over the weekend due to a heart attack.  He had a heart issue (heart attack) earlier in the week and was expected to recover and return back to coaching this week.  Coach Greene suffered a 2nd heart attack over the weekend and unfortunately it was one that he could not recover from. He was a Health and Physical Education teacher along with being the head baseball coach of Betty H. Fairfax High School in Laveen.  Coach Greene leaves behind his wife, daughter and granddaughter.

We are praying for Mike's family and friends during this hard time.  He will be missed by many!

AZ Sandlot Rice

Congratulations to AZ Sandlot Rice for winning the 2021 Arizona Collegiate Summer League Championship!

Arizona Collegiate Wood Bat League

Arizona Collegiate Wood Bat League (ACWBL) is a summer collegiate baseball league played in Maricopa County, Arizona. More Info